We provide specialized services to Non-Resident Indians (NRI’s) to help them comply with Indian tax laws and regulations while they are stress-free in their country of residence.

Our key NRI Taxation services in India are mentioned below:

Income Tax Return Filing

1. We can assist you in filing your Income Tax Return for your income generated in India, both resident and non-resident income.
2. The process is completely online and does not require any face-to-face interaction.

Income Tax Advisory

1. We also help our clients in resolving their pending demand notices or any other matter with the income tax department.
2. In case our clients need help, we can also guide them with various implications of financial transactions and investments in India, including capital gains etc.
3. We also provide general consultation to NRI clients on appointment basis.

TDS on Sale of Property

1. Buying or Selling of property in India involves Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) for the Seller.
2. The TDS rate for NRI selling property in India is:

# Long Term Capital Gain (Sold after possessing property for more than 2 years) – 20% TDS
# Short Term Capital Gain (Sold after possessing property for less than 2 years) – Taxed at slab rates
3. The TDS rates for NRI buying property in India is 1%, if the value of the property is above 50,00,000 Indian Rupees.
4. The transaction requires the buyer to deduct TDS (at applicable rates, deposit TDS in Govt account and issue TDS Certificate to the seller.
5. We assist our clients in smoothly executing the applicable compliance.
6. We also assist out NRI clients (Seller) to claim lower tax deduction u/s 197, in case there is no capital gain involved.

Our firm has served many NRI’s clients in various tax matters, through reliable and comprehensive services.

In case you are seeking an appointment (Visit or Call), or have query regarding cost of services offered, kindly fell free to contact us. 
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