In India, changing your name legally involves a process that includes publishing a notification in the official Gazette of India. But what would anyone want to change their name. Here are a few reasons why people generally opt to change their names through legal process in India

1. Error in birth Certificate, School Certificates etc
2. Post-Marriage, Post-Divorce name change for women
3. Spelling Errors
4. For official Purposes
5. Astrological or Numerological reasons
6. To add or remove surname

Legal Name Change through eGazette Notification

Legal Name Change process in India follows a 4-step process:

Step-1: Make an Affidavit for “Change of Name”
Step-2: Place Newspaper advertisement in the Local and National Newspapers
Step-3: Prepare Documentation (Request Letter, CD Certificate, Witness forms etc)
Step-4: Submit documents in the Department of Publication

We assist our clients in the entire process from making the affidavit to submission and subsequent issuance in e-Gazette.

Once all documents are submitted, it takes about 25-30 days for the “Change of Name” notification to publish in official Gazette of India. The Gazette is published online ( and no physical paper is published by Govt of India.

In case you are someone looking to officially change their name, we are here to help you. You can contact us and inquire about the process in detail.
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