We are here to assist businesses in complying with GST regulations.

Explore our entire range of services below:

Basic Services

GST Registration

We assist businesses (incl. proprietors) in obtaining GST Registration if they are required to register under GST law based on their turnover or nature of business.

GST Compliance

We can help you with timely compliance of filing GST returns:

GSTR-1 (for outward supplies)
GSTR-3B (monthly/quarterly summary return)
GSTR-9 (annual return)
GSTR-9C (GST Audit report) and any other GST Returns

Advanced Services

GST Advisory

We can provide expert advice on various GST matters, including taxability of transactions, input tax credit (ITC) eligibility, GST rates and compliance requirements.

GST Audit

We may help you by conducting audits to assess compliance with GST laws and regulations, identify potential areas of non-compliance, and rectify any errors or discrepencies.

GST Appeals and Litigation support

Representing businesses in GST-related appeals, disputes or litigation proceedings before tax authorities, appellate authorities, or courts.

GST Due Diligence

We conduct GST due diligence review for mergers, acquisitions, or business transactions to assess potential GST risks, liabilities, and compliance issues.

GST Advisory on Transactions

We provide services on GST implications for specific business transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, and cross-border transactions.

These services are aimed at helping businesses navigate the complexities of GST regulations, minimize tax risks, and ensure compliance with the law while optimizing tax efficiencies.

To know about the individual service cost, kindly contact us through phone or email. 
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