We assist clients in establishing and registering various business entities, such as:

1. Private Limited Company (Pvt Ltd)
2. Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
3. Partnership Firms
4. Section 8 Company (trust under Ministry of corporate affairs)
5. Society/ Trusts

Entity Selection and Structuring

1. We advise you on the suitable legal structure for your business based on factors such as ownership, taxation, liability, regulatory requirements and future growth plans.
2. We help you assess the pros and cons of different business entities and recommend the optimal structure. There are various business entities that can be incorporated:

# Private Limited Company (Pvt ltd) – Registered under ministry of corporate affairs (MCA)
# Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) – Registered under ministry of corporate affairs (MCA)
# Partnership Firms – Registered and Unregistered firms as per state laws
# Section 8 company – Trust registered under ministry of corporate affairs (MCA)
# Society/ Trusts – Registered as per state laws

Pre-Incorporation Compliance

1. Due diligence for availability of unique new NAME for the proposed company as per the guidelines of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), in case of Pvt Ltd, LLP & Section 8 Company.
2. Obtaining Director Identification Number (DIN) and Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) for proposed Directors and Authorized Signatories.

Document Preparation and Filing

1. Drafting and preparing necessary documents, including Memorandum of Association (MoA), Articles of Association (AoA), Partnership, Society Deeds, LLP agreements and other related incorporation documents.
2. Filing of incorporation documents, including application for incorporation, e-forms, and other statutory forms with the Registrar of Companies (RoC) or other concerned regulatory authorities.

Registration and Approval

1. Facilitating the registration process with the MCA or the respective authorities.
2. Obtaining necessary approvals, licences, registration certificates, as per the nature of the business incorporation.

Post-Incorporation Annual compliance(s)

Ensuring compliance with post-incorporation formalities, such as:

1. Issuance of share certificates.

2. Maintenance of statutory registers.

3. Annual Statutory filings with MCA & other related authorities.

4. Ongoing compliance support, including annual filings, board meetings, shareholder meeting and other corporate governance requirements.

5. We can assist MCA registered entities to appoint a Statutory Auditor (CA) & Statutory & Tax Audits as required by law.

We always aim to simplify the process of setting up a business, ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, and provide clients with the necessary support to start their operations smoothly.

For further details on the cost of our services, kindly contact us through phone or email. 
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